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Ginseng Project Testbed

Brief presentation of Coimbra’s platform for experimentation of the Ginseng development project.

Project’s homepage

Paulo Gil
CISUC, DEI, University of Coimbra, Portugal

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Jorge Silva (PhD, Project Leader)
Alberto Cardoso (PhD)
Amâncio Santos (PhD Student)
Edmundo Monteiro (PhD)
Fernando Boavida (PhD)
Jorge Granjal (PhD Student)
Marilia Curado (PhD)
Paulo Gil (PhD)
Paulo Simões (PhD)
Pedro Furtado (PhD)
Ricardo Mendão Silva (PhD Student)
Vasco Pereira (PhD Student)

The GINSENG project plans a significant advance beyond the state-of-the-art by developing a novel performance controlled WSN that is targeted for use in a range of industrial environments. In such environments, WSN technology should result in significant savings in deployment and maintenance costs, and offers easy reconfiguration and rapid deployment in adapting to changing business needs. The overall goal of GINSENG is a wireless sensor network that will meet application-specific performance targets, and that will be proven in a real industry setting where performance is critical.
The GINSENG goal requires several innovations and a fresh approach to wireless sensor network research. Firstly, GINSENG adopts a planned approach for sensor node deployment as a basis to enable performance control. The second basis of GINSENG is software components with assured performance, including operating systems and protocols for radio medium access. The third basis of GINSENG is a set of algorithms that ensure control with respect to network topology and traffic. These three components enable the possibility to deploy sensor networks with assured performance. Recognising the inherent uncertainties of the real-world, GINSENG will also provide mechanisms and tools to perform performance debugging of deployed systems (via ginseng).

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