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Prediction of acute hypotensive episodes

This project aims to stimulate development of methods for identifying intensive care unit (ICU) patients at imminent risk of acute hypotensive episodes (AHEs), motivated by the possibility of improving care and survival of these patients. This project won the 1st place in PhysioNet CinC challenge 2009.

Jorge Henriques
CISUC, DEI, University of Coimbra, Portugal


Jorge Henriques (PhD, Project Leader)
Teresa Rocha (PhD)

This project aims to address the broad question of predicting AHE in a population in which about a third of the patients experience AHE (as in the MIMIC II Database as a whole). It is likely that a variety of methods can be used to identify different subsets of the patients at risk; for example, those who have had previous documented AHE (especially if more than once) may be relatively easy to identify, on the basis of a priori knowledge of their pathophysiology or of their response to medication. The potential benefits of finding AHE predictors for even a modest subset of the at-risk patients may be significant, if improvement in outcome can be shown to follow from increased vigilance and preparation for effective intervention in these patients.

Hypotensive, ICU, AHE, Medicine


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