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The aim of this project is to improve the quality of primary school learning through the use of ICT activities in meaningful contexts, that involve the production of geo-referenced multisensory information by kids and using interdisciplinary approaches (via cisuc).

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Maria José Patricio Marcelino
CISUC, DEI, University of Coimbra, Portugal

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Maria José Patricio Marcelino (PhD, Project Leader)
António José Nunes Mendes (PhD)
Carlos Jorge Gonçalves Brigas (PhD Student)
Licínio Roque (PhD)
Maria Cristina Azevedo Gomes (PhD)
Maria Isabel Alves Rodrigues Pereira (External member)
Maria João Duarte Silva (PhD)

The project develops around the central idea of georeferenced multisensory information creation as a relevant concept to the context of primary education practices, bridge to children concrete experiences, to different learning and expression styles, to complex and real learning.
A collaborative system will support the production, by the children, of georeferenced multi-sensory Web contents. In the contexts created by the launching of several challenges, the primary education community will share knowledge, experiences and projects, establishing links and meetings (via schoolsenses).

Multisensory information, Primary school, Geographic information, Modeling and simulation, Collaborative systems’ evaluation


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