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This project aims to develop complex application scenarios on top of WiMAX and to offer solutions for future needs of research user communities. This project supports the following scenarios: environmental monitoring; telemedicine and telemedical assistance and fire prevention.

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Edmundo Monteiro
CISUC, DEI, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Edmundo Monteiro (PhD, Project Leader)
Elisabete Reis (PhD Student)
Fernando Boavida (PhD)
Jorge Silva (PhD)
Marilia Curado (PhD)
Paulo Simões (PhD)
Thomas Michael Bohnert (PhD Student)

WEIRD is a 24 month integrated project aiming at implementing research testbeds using the WiMAX technology in order to allow isolated or impervious areas to get connection to the GEANT2 research network. The WEIRD project consortium is made up of: prestigious key players – in the world of wireless communications and next generation networking -, scientific demanding user communities – that will drive and test the WEIRD system – and sponsoring European national research networks – that will give connectivity, support and will exploit project results (via WEIRD).

WiMax, Mobile Internet, QoS, Remote access, fire prevention

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